The story

One day Anteo, Armando and Luca left for a period of voluntary work in order to see with their own eyes the disastrous European policies on asylum and borders. They met outside the gate of a small white building near Mytilene… After twenty minutes came the boy who was supposed to open the door.

Who was the owner? What would it have been like to stay in that house?

The three boys discovered they had many interests in common.

After four years they decided to share them in this open space, with other people…as if they were Voci in transito…

ANTEO CIAVATTI : Born in 1988, lives in Rimini, socio-educational training. After several training experiences in Italy and abroad he understood the importance of fundamental values such as human rights and social justice and their link with environmental balance.

ARMANDO ORICCHIO : Born in 1988, legal training, currently living in Spain. He has worked and studied between Italy and Spain offering legal assistance for many non-profit associations, experiences that have trained him in the field of human rights and immigration. Lover of travel and exploration.

LUCA SPERANZINI : Born in Brescia in 1985, humanistic education. After an experience in youth policy he worked in the field of integration and language training. Passionate about politics and writing.